Welcome to WE SWAP community!
Here you can swap your handmade items with one another.
It's a place without price tags. A place to share something special.



Participants of this community agree to only swap items made by their own hands.
Items should have an original design and be in a new condition.


Go ahead and find items you like in NEW SWAPS, offer your item - leave a comment to the swapper.

Or SUBMIT your item for a swap in 4 easy steps:

1. You send us couple of photos of the item you would like to apply for a swap.
Photos should be in a JPG format with a minimal size of 560 x 370px is a presentation of your product. Make it look beautiful!
Here is a helpful guide for better photos.

2. Write a short description of your item.
This can include:
- What is it?
- What is it made of?
- What size is it?
- Is there a story behind this item? What inspired you?
- Anything else special about your item?

3. Send us a link to your web-site (shop, flickr, twitter, blog...).

4. Write a list of items you would like to get in return.
(For example. I would like to swap my brooch for: a knitted black hat; a small art object to fit on my night stand; a leather phone case.)


If your application for featuring an item is accepted, we will notify you in a matter of 1-3 days.
If your item is one-of-a kind and is listed on any other web-site for sale, please remove it from there.


The moment your item is featured, you will get a notification. From that moment you can follow and respond all the swap-offers in the comments to the post, and arrange your swap.
To secure you swap process, we recommend you to organize your swap directly in comments. That way your deal will be public and therefore official. It doesn't mean you should write your shipping-address in comments, just the actual agreement of swapping.

When your swap is completed, please send us a notification titled "SWAPPED!" in a subject box. That way we will put a "swapped" sign on your item.
Also if you would like, you can send us the picture of the item you swapped for, and we will update the post.


Please note, that not all applied items will be featured due to the number of applications.
We reserve us the right to feature items which suit photo, text and content requirements.
That does not mean, that you can't participate. Please find an item you would like to swap for and leave a comment to the swapper.

Participating in WE SWAP community, you agree to the following rules:

-Swappers are responsible themselves for organizing the swap (i.e. choosing the person they want to swap with, shipping item in an agreed timely manner and paying for all shipping costs).
- Swappers will handle all the problems with a swap-partner or any other individual directly without involving admins of the community.
- Swappers agree not to commit acts of fraud, not to use racists or aggressive comments or images, profanity or any other offensive remarks.