Welcome to WE SWAP community!
Here you can swap your handmade items with one another.
It's a place without price tags. A place to share something special.


Submit your item by writing us an Email to:


1. Couple of photos of the item you would like to apply for a swap.
Photos should be in a JPG format with a minimal size of 560 x 370px. Remember - it's a presentation of your product. Make it look beautiful!
Here is a helpful guide for better photos.

2. Short description of your item.
This can include:
- What is it?
- What is it made of?
- What size is it?
- Is there a story behind this item? What inspired you?
- Anything else special about your item?

3. A link to one of your web-sites (shop, flickr, twitter, blog...).

4. List of items you would like to get in return.
(For example. I would like to swap my brooch for: a knitted black hat; a small art object to fit on my night stand; a leather phone case.)