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Saturday, October 16, 2010

85. I swap: crochet brooch

uloni wants to swap

by uloni


I have made this brooch out of green cotton yarn with labyrinth patterns, pearl beads in different sizes and brooch bar on the back.
Width: 2" / 5cm
Height: 2,4" / 6cm

Want to swap for

another small brooch, may be out of porcelain or clay.

uloni wants to swap


  1. Wonderful brooch, Uloni! I love the juicy-green color. SUMMER TIME.......)))

  2. Beautiful brooch Uloni,
    I too love the green,
    the white pearls just pop
    right on out of this beautiful creation...

  3. thank you ))

    to Bethel of Bethania:
    would you like to post one of your beautiful hyperbolic items in our blog?

  4. Great needle work, very beautiful :)