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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swapped: JuliAni and sexyhandmadeAdult

Swap between JuliAni and sexyhandmadeAdult


This fun and colorful brooch is from my new "Third Nipple Brooch" collection!
I've made it out of polymer clay. It's very very light. Attaches with a brooch metal pin.
Width: 1,4" / 3,5 cm
Height: 1" / 2,5 cm

Small felted Penis keychain / mobile charm with a swarovski glitter just where it has to be!
The penis is 2 inches (5cm) long.
The sent charm might slightly differ from the one in the picture but it will still be in the same color, with mentioned sizes and of course - it will still be a cute little penis :)))

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