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Monday, May 31, 2010

Swapped: Evarevolver and Arina Antonova

Swap between Evarevolver and Arina Antonova.

It's funny how small the World is! We've met here on We Swap, and on the next day we accidently met each other again at one of Hamburg's Flea Markets! We've started talking, and it turns out - we have some friends in common.
I (Arina) know Lena. Lena has told me about Vasja. Vasja reads Andrey's Livejournal. Andrey writes about Vanja, who knows Galja (Evarevolver)...and now I know Galja too! So as you can see - swapping handmade is actually about making friends!

Swapped: Evarevolver and Arina Antonova
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