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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swapped: Paperphine and tiinateaspoon

Swap between Paperphine and tiinateaspoon

The Necklace/Bracelet is made entirely of finest white Paper Yarn. The material's sturdniess allows to produce uniquely structured pieces that are soft and flexible but nevertheless keep their form. And yes, it can get wet (but please don't take a shower with it...!)

and Oblivion - Photography inspired by these beautiful words from 'Confession' by Charles Baudelaire:
"Que bâtir sur les coeurs est une chose sotte;
Que tout craque, amour et beauté,
Jusqu'à ce que l'Oubli les jette dans sa hotte
Pour les rendre à l'Eternité!"
That to build on hearts is a foolish thing,
That all things break, love, and beauty,
Till Oblivion tosses them into his dosser
To give them back to Eternity!}

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