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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swapped: Ansku and susanclare

Swap between Ansku and susanclare

This is a grey handbag with a green and white flower lining. The grey canvas was a leftover piece of my earlier projects, the flowery fabric used to be a vintage curtain. There is a flap with a flower applique. Inside there's a button for closure, one pocket for small items (cell phone, make up etc.) and a key-chain on a loop. The strap is made of the flower fabric and it's long enough to wear the bag on your shoulder.

I'm a big fan of recycling and reusing, therefore I try to make useful items even from the tiniest scraps. This eco-bag is a good example of that - and it's definitely one of a kind!

Measurements (approximately):
30cm X 19cm X 4cm, length of strap 56cm
(11,8" X 7,5" X 1,6", length of strap 22")

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