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Thursday, December 16, 2010

98. I swap: Body Dust deodorant powder

by SugarChills


SugarChills effective & 100% natural handcrafted deodorant powders, lightly fragranced with a blend of organic essential oils .... soothes sensitive skin as it keeps you fresh all day!

Please indicate which scent you would like:
FRESH LEMON - includes lemon (zing!) and tea tree oils
LAVENDER BLEND - lavender (calming and fresh) with a touch of tea tree
MANDARIN & LIME - a delightful blend of mandarin and lime oils
ORIGINAL TEA TREE - the clean scent of tea tree oil (unisex)
CLEAN EUCALYPTUS - fresh, woody scent (unisex)
SAGE TANGERINE - sweet citrus with a hint of sage

Want to swap for

I am open to swapping for just about anything and am happy to swap with several people.

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