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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swapped: Lavish Lila and Angelheist

Swap between Lavish Lila and Angelheist

This is an all-purpose cleaner.  I don't suggest drinking it or getting it in your eyes.  It works particularly well as a counter cleaner or with pet stains, and as far as scent, it's not so bad at all!  It's a truly interesting, herbal, citrus-mint sort of fragrance. 

This took about 2 months to make, as it's made with heavily aged orange peels, rinsed with baking soda water, and finally, combined with water, vinegar, and crushed clove juice and powder.  You can experiment with portions used in comparison with water -- this particular size could be left alone or else added to about a quart of water or your average spray bottle.  The container is a cleaned and recycled plastic bottle, of which was originally the home to shampoo I believe.

4 oz of all high quality beadshandpicked by Mu-ah!
Inspired by Summertime camping at the beach. Bonfires and Surfboards.
Teal - Aqua Greens - Gold - Champagne - Blues - Crystals - faceted - Large Etched Jasper.

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