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Monday, January 3, 2011

100. I swap: Vintage Chain Necklace

by Essentialtoyourown


What is it? Vintage Chain Necklace with detailed engraved twig like etching.
What is it made of? Vintage Chain, vintage Cabs and a Branch of Birds
What size is it? Extra long
Is there a story behind this item? What inspired you? Necklaces always end up in an awkward spot on me. They never hang correctly. My endowed chest made everything too short. So withmy love of trees, birds, nature, and vintage this was my first necklace.

Want to swap for

A hobo style bag, or a purse that goes with everything
Anything turntable related, my bf's a DJ
who knows, maybe you have something i dont know i need yet. I love home decor and pillows!

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