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Friday, August 13, 2010

27. I swap: Handmade supply - hand-embellished, tufted bead piece

by Susanclare


I would like to offer a hand-embellished, tufted bead to trade. I consider the whole item as a single bead, yarn, little beads,etc but it is large enough that it could be considered as a pendant also. I call them "beaded beads" because I start with a bead then modify it by expanding what is there to create another bead. I made this bead using a beautiful, 25mm painted powder glass bead handmade in Ghana, Africa, threading it with three strands of brass wire.  I strung a selection of small, multi-colored glass beads on the wires and cinched them tight with a cobalt blue glass pony bead on each side then completed the embellishment with more bright seed beads and two small face beads, one on each side, hand-wrapping the wire ends to make loops on both ends. I added (8) tufts of stressed, knotted yarn to each side, including small glass "donuts" on each tuft, knotting them in place.

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