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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

44. I swap: Zombie kokeshi doll

by eastbaycalifornia


This undead girlie doesnt seem to mind the clever stuck in her head, because zombies do not need much of their brain for survival.... JUST YOURS!!!!
She may be a little unstable as she hobbles around, but those hands are ready for grabbing! Be careful!! One bite, and you may become a zombie too!

My little interpretation of a kokeshi is completely handmade from the ground up! I did not paint a mold, nor did I have a mold to work with. Once formed, cooked, and cooled, I try my hardest to breathe slow and paint all of the details on steadily and lastely clear coat it a few times for protection!
She is just about 3.5 inches tall and signed on the bottom!

Want to swap for

I'd like a nice journal for my boyfriend with or w/o lines, stacking rings (NO NICKLE PLEASE!), fingerless gloves preferably not knit/crocheted but I will consider! Anything hot rod/60's vehicle era related (a painting would rule big or small), or any handmade goodies you would like to offer! I really love mexican folk art, 60's era looking stuff, random paintings (any size), silver, and jewelry! Offer whatever you would like!

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