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Thursday, September 9, 2010

60. I swap: Binary code bracelet

by adotelise


This bracelet spells out the word "swap" in ASCII binary code, but I can make a custom bracelet to spell out any four letter word of your choice (such as: geek, luck, hope, a name, a date, etc). I do this by using the different color beads to represent ones and zeros. In this bracelet the "ones" are represented by real stabilized turquoise beads and the "zeros" are represented by mahogany obsidian beads. The beads are loomed onto dark brown goat leather cord and the bracelet is finished with a 5/8 inch mother of pearl oyster shell button. The button closure is adjustable, depending on where the knots are placed in the leather.

Want to swap for

As far as what I'd like to swap for, I'm open to ideas. But I'm particularly interested in stacking rings, stacking bracelets, a phone case or cozy, or any type of wearable geekery. My etsy shop has a good long favorites list, if you're looking for ideas.

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