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Sunday, September 12, 2010

63. I swap: Electrik Circuit Necklace

by Thelacystar


This necklace was handcrafted out of 100% sterling silver components, though 100% recycled. There is one new glass tube bead, and one new hand carved (in a sacred lotus shape) quartz crystal bead.

It is 3cm high and 2.75cm across. The chain is 45cm long.

I made this necklace because I was inspired by technology and circuitry...I watched the original TRON movie. It was really good!
I enjoyed making this necklace because the materials have very different texture; the chain is dangly, the wire is very hard and sleek, the bead is round and lumpy, and the middle piece of sterling it just slightly carved. It came out just how I saw it in my head.

Want to swap for

I am open to suggestions, but have sensitivity to wool and certain metals:)

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