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Monday, November 15, 2010

Swapped: Dagmarabuczek and PaperPhine

Swap between Dagmarabuczek and PaperPhine

This bracelet is made of merino wool and mercerised cotton yarn. It's very soft and funny. Colors: ecru, yellow, grey, light blue, dark blue, shades of brown, orange, red, green, lila:)
Measures : inside diameter 6,4cm (2,56").

A fine brooch with a little natural touch made of Paper Yarn - add a little bit of elegance and playfulness to your day and outfit!
Light and airy but nevertheless an eyecatcher, this piece engages the eye. The brooch has been formed and knotted out of laborously knitted Paper Yarn by hand so each piece looks a little bit different - uniqueness guaranteed.
Paper Yarn's sturdniess allows to produce uniquely structured pieces that are soft and flexible but nevertheless keep their form.
About 1.6 - 2 in (4 - 5cm) in diameter.
The brooch has the a butterfly pin on the back so it can be fastened securely onto your clothes.

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