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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Swapped: stonesartisanjewelry and LikeFreja

swapped between LikeFreja and stonesartisanjewelry


This autumn necklace is very lightweight, made of layers of small seed beads and brass accents.  There are 11 strands, each a different length.  The seed beads are pearl white and a  pretty coffee brown, and they hang freely on silver jeweler's wire.  The are attached to a brass lobster clasp with an extension chain.  The shortest strand is 18 inches and the longest strand is 23 inches.  Al the rest hang in between.

Want to swap for

I'd love to trade for most anything, but I have a weak spot for other people's jewelry, scarves, weird crochet, knitted goods, tea towels and brooches of all kinds.

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