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Monday, March 18, 2013

126. I swap: Vintage ring with red bead

by lixhewettphotography


This is a thick silver ring dating from the 1960s at the latest, with a reddish soft pink small bead in the middle. It's adjustable.
I'd be happy to trade this ring as well as any of the jewelry still listed in my Etsy store - I switched directions and the jewelry section is just incredibly out of place--> here 

Want to swap for

I would like to swap any of these pieces of jewelry for: clothing (preferably handmade, but I'll take a look at vintage as well), shoes, accessories like hats, headbands or handbags, handmade jewelry, stationery (notebooks/journals in particular), sewing and knitting supplies (fabric, yarn, knitting needles), bath & beauty products (excepting soap). I'll take a look at almost anything that has a practical use for me - I'm not looking for decor at the moment.

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