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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swapped: quotesandnotes and papermode

Swap between quotesandnotes and papermode

A flower brooch that tells a story..or a poem. I came across this lovely poem by Florence Earle Coates (in fact, I love pretty much all her poems).. and just had to use it on my flower brooches. :)

A dusty, subdued pink 3.5" flower brooch containing parts of the poem "I Love, and the World is Mine":
For me the jasmine buds unfold
And silver daisies star the lea,
The crocus hoards the sunset gold,
And the wild rose breathes for me.
I feel the sap through the bough returning,
I share the skylark’s transport fine,
I know the fountain’s wayward yearning,
I love, and the world is mine!

I love, and thoughts that sometime grieved,
Still well remembered, grieve not me;
From all that darkened and deceived
Upsoars my spirit free.
For soft the hours repeat one story,
Sings the sea one strain divine;
My clouds arise all flushed with glory,—
I love, and the world is mine!

I screen printed this poem onto a piece of linen/cotton blend fabric and then made into a flower. The brooch will be attached to a note card with the poem printed on it. A little casual elegance that's good for many occasions!

The bracelet is 6.5 inches (17 cm) long, with an extension chain making it up to 8.5 inches (21 cm). The brass extension chain ends with three small brass droplets that add a comforting weight to the bracelet.

The delicate floral print is perfect for spring or summer, and the fact that the bracelet is made of fabric makes it light and comfortable.

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