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Monday, August 30, 2010

Swapped: Essentialtoyourown and KaleidoscopeStyle

Swap between Essentialtoyourown and KaleidoscopeStyle

A Handmade Fabric Button Ring with Vintage Cab's made of Vintage Love Bird Cabochons and Fabric - After Customized Silver or Gold Wire, Swar Crystals, Tulle. I can wrap in Sterling if preferred. It is your Size! The Button itself is 45mm - It belongs on your middle finger.

I love the Unique story that each one of my rings has and never had any intention on using the adjustable settings to appeal to the masses. I knew though, without a ring in my store that was adjustable i would lose out on sales. So here is my take on Adjustable and Made to Order. "Amberingz" design still intact ahead of time but I don't wrap until a customer purchases. All those that couldn't find what they like in their size now have 100 of my large homemade buttons to choose from.

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