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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swapped: Rebecca and Nukilan

Swap between Rebecca and Nukilan

This is a handmade, coptic bound notebook with a blue and green flower fabric covering. It is bound with waxed white linen thread and has a green cord and decorative button attached to close the book. The book measures 11cm by 8cm. I have only recently started book binding so it is a bit rustic! So far I have only been making books as gifts but I would love to eventually start selling handmade books and thought that as a test I would try swapping first and see how it goes. :)

Each Sweet Temptations Donuts no.1 greeting card was made with these super cute macaroon stickers my mum found in Japan, while the ants travelled all the way from LA to get a taste of these yummy goodies!

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