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Saturday, August 21, 2010

40. I swap: Three long necklaces "Inink"

by Kara


This set of three long necklaces is made from lots of handmade paper beads which are occasionally punctuated by other lightweight beads for
texture. Each of the necklaces is long enough that it doesn't need a clasp to go over the head. With three different pieces, you can mix and match to achieve any number of looks with some creativity. I've been making these beads since elementary school, and they are by far the best part of the item. Each one is its own unique piece of art!
I've found that this sort of colorful, casual jewelry goes a long way to spruce up an otherwise bland outfit.

Want to swap for

I'm pretty open to seeing what comes up. I do particularly like stud earrings, though, and I could use a planner.

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