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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Swapped: Artisanmaskers and Mari

Swap between artisanmaskers and Mari

This paper mache goblin mask base was created using recycled paper mache and floral wire (in the “beak"). The base was then covered in a textured felt and painted in mauve, blue, and green acrylic. The beak is painted orange and coated in a sparkling varnish. Natural black spiky feathers, fuschia-glittered foam embellishments, a sprinkling of tiny rhinestones, and fluffy feathers dyed in assorted greens and blues complete this whimsical, one-of-a-kind mask. The mask is intended to be worn (it ties on with thin, black satin ribbon), and the interior has been lined with some soft, upcycled olive-green jersey for comfort. However, it would also make a fun and funky display for the fantastically-minded! (Mask base measures approximately 8" across x 5" high; including feathers, it's bigger, though!)

2 Wool felt crowns
fit for a wee prince and princess.
Wool felt blend with Merino hand felted details and embellishments.

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