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Friday, October 8, 2010

83. I swap: Journal made from a recycled book

by eastbaycalifornia


I have a very fun journal made from a recycled book that was going to be discarded from a library!  Its titled Secrets of The Andes and has little lovely llamas on it!  I grew up on a llama ranch so I gravitated towards the book!  Inside, you will find many of the original book pages throughout, along with about 75 blank sheets of acid free paper excellent for journaling or sketching!  It measures: 9.5" x 6" and is spiral bound!

Want to swap for

I'd trade a journal for a journal, a lined one would be wonderful for Mom!  Any personalized or neat details is a plus! Otherwise, anything to do with oldschool cars, hot rods etc., old diners, anything nostalgic, folk art, tiki, zombies, kitsch, comic book art, fingerless gloves, 60s inspired, etc!  If you go to my etsy profile, you can scroll through my favorites and sort of snoop SOME of the things I like! ;-)

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