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Thursday, October 7, 2010

82. I swap: Russet Horse and Floral Belt

by Labyrinthleather


This solid leather belt is constructed from a single piece of 8 to 9 oz full-grain Spanish cowhide, and has been embossed with a horse and floral pattern, dyed a rich russet, antiqued and sealed. It's unisex and absolutely awesome!
This is the standard width (1.5") that will fit the vast majority of blue jean or dress pant loops. The buckle shown is included with the belt and is attached with snaps not rivets, which makes swapping in a custom buckle easy.

Typically the best method to gauge your belt size, at least in North America, is to take your pant size and go up by two inches - so if you wear a 34" pant you'll want a 36" belt.

I can make a anything between a size 32" and a size 44" belt!

Want to swap for

I would love to trade for some pottery, wood, or blacksmithing forged pieces but bidder must be willing to ship to Canada.

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