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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swapped: stonesartisanjewelry and DoucesLaines

Swap between  stonesartisanjewelry and DoucesLaines

This delicate and earthy bracelet is made of  8mm purple "african turquoise" stones that have an interesting texture and wonderful deep bellflower lustre. Each stone is like a little globe, with sand colored lines etching their way throughout. I don't normally work with gold, but the purple looks quite refined with the stardust bead that hides the elastic knot. 22 genuine stones in all, one 8mm gold-filled 14k 1/20 round stardust bead, and high quality jeweler's elastic. These fit a 6.5 inch wrist.  African turquoise is a kind of Jasper.  Jasper encourages peace of mind and a general feeling of nurture and well being. Both stones protect against as well as dissipate anger and other negative energies whether from oneself or others

Do you have a pixie at home ? Here is a little pixie's hat ! The pixie's hat can also be used to cover your Easter egg ! Handknitted in beige pure cotton, very very very thick and durable, to fit your organic eggs and keep them hot for your French breakfast ;-) 
Useful tip : Use the pixie's hat to cut your egg : no more hot egg in your hands ;-)

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